Is this site scam?

No, we are nice and honest people and we work hard to maintain this site. If you have a problem with our site please contact the support and we will fix it.

How to get FREE coins?

You will get 500 FREE coins after you use the affiliate code.

Also, you can get 150 BONUS coins after following us on social media & joining our Steam group.

FREE and BONUS coins appear in ‘My coins’ balance and you can use them only after your first deposit.

How to use ‘My coins’?

You can use FREE coins which appear in ‘My coins’ balance only after your first deposit. For example, if you have 650 ‘My coins’, after your deposit of 3’000 coins, you will have 3’650 coins and you will be able to use them.

What are the requirements to withdraw?

You will unlock the withdraw after the deposit of at least 3’000 coins.

To withdraw after you’ve deposited you must have bet 100% of the coins that you deposited – we have this system to prevent our site from being used as a trading platform.

Note that: Crash bets cashed out before 1.30x do not include into the amount that you have bet.

Why did my DEMO coins disappear?

After your first deposit of any size, DEMO balance will disappear and you will start using ‘My coins’ balance.

How does the affiliate system work?

The affiliate system lets you earn coins by referring new players to the site. Visit ‘Affiliates’ page to generate your unique affiliate code. Share your code and receive 500 coins for each active depositor + up to 1% from their total bet.

When new players use your referral code they'll earn 10’000 DEMO coins and 500 FREE coins.

What is affiliate level?

Your affiliate level determines how much (%) you'll earn from each referral. Your affiliate level is determined by the number of active depositors you've referred:

Active Depositors           Affiliate Level

0+                                         Bronze (1 coin per 300 bet)

50+                                      Silver (1 coin per 200 bet)

200+                                    Gold (1 coin per 100 bet)

You can track your visitor statistics in the ‘Affiliates’ page. Players who have made at least one deposit and have bet more than the required bet will appear in the table.

Are there any fees?

Fees matter from the game type on our site.

     In roulette there are completely no fees.

     In coin flip 5% fee is taken from every flip/game.

     In crash the probability of instacrash is 5%.

     In poker 4% is taken from the total bet in a game.

There are absolutely no fees on depositing and withdrawing.

How are prices determined?

Baseline prices are determined using publicly available data from SteamAnalyst. Some items are not accepted due to price, volatility or popularity. Some prices for depositing and withdrawing may be different due to possible devaluation of the item.

Price (based on SteamAnalyst)                         Discount (Deposit)                          Discount (Withdraw)

0.00$ - 0.50$                                                       Not Accepted                                     Not Accepted

0.50$ - 5.00$                                                      10% off                                               10% off

5.00$ +                                                                 0% off                                                 0% off

Stickers and music kits                                      Not Accepted                                     Not Accepted

Case Key                                                                 0% off                                                 0% off

Where items have a % discount off these are not fees, they are applied equally to both deposits and withdrawals. This means you may deposit and then withdraw the same item as many times as you want at no cost.

How much are coins worth?

Coins have no real-life value, they are exchanged for CS:GO items from our public shop. Every 1000 coins will buy approximately $1 worth of items.

Why my items are not showing up for deposit?

First, make sure your inventory is set to public.

Also, try to refresh your inventory.

Or you have no items.

Why can’t I deposit?

You cannot deposit red items because they don’t meet our requirements (read the article ‘How are prices determined?’).

Will I be refunded if I decline a withdraw?

Yes. If you decline the trade offer for any reason (or it expires) you will be refunded the full amount after ‘confirming’ with our system.

Why did the bot cancel my trade offer?

Our bots automatically cancel trade offers older than 5 minutes to make room for new trade offers. Or someone else took your item first.

What are maximum bets?

In Crash maximum bet is 100’000 coins and maximum win is 300’000 coins.

In Roulette maximum bet is 200’000 coins.

How can I send coins?

In chat: write /send ‘steam64id’ ‘amount’ or right click the person's profile picture and press ‘send coins’.

Would you like to sponsor me?

We sponsor youtube channels with CS:GO skins gambling content and with over 5’000 active subscribers.

For business related questions, send an email to instead of creating a support ticket.